Asbestos removal crew find contaminated Tarantula

Asbestos removal crew find contaminated Tarantula
  • Date: Saturday 23rd March 2013
Arachnophobes Looking for Asbestos-Contaminated Tarantula

A recent report has uncovered that Arachnophobes in Cardiff, Wales, have been looking for a tarantula, which is likely contaminated with asbestos.

Tarantulas have the potential to shed their exoskeletons a number of times in a year, said the report. The process is known as molting.

The creature is probably prowling the city. On Tuesday, a 19th-century house was being surveyed prior to its renovation by an asbestos crew. The crew found something startling in the attic and thereby, raised alert.

A floorboard was lifted by a self-proclaimed arachnophobe, surveyor Katie Parsons-Young, in the dark. And it was then that something unusual was discovered. Bringing a lamp closer to the unidentified thing, the creature's leg was seen. Thereafter, the surveyor screamed and ran away.

While it was being thought initially by Parsons-Young and team from Kusten Vorland that it was a big live spider, a deeper inspection revealed that it was the discarded exoskeleton of a Chilean rose tarantula.

The exoskeleton has been sent to a laboratory for testing now. "After watching the film Arachnophobia, I just can't go near them. I certainly wasn't expecting to find such big, hairy, scary creatures on my site today", said Parsons-Young.

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