We are excited to announce the launch of a top-up to our funding round on SyndicateRoom.
Having already reached our minimum target of £700,000 we are now extending our round to overfund by XX%. 
Our minimum funding target of c.£700,000 was met with £500,000 from our lead investor the Discovery Park Technology Investment Fund (DPTIF), which is a £5m equity funding scheme managed by NCL (Narec Capital Ltd) along with additional c. £200,000 investment from a syndicate of private investors.
Initial funds are being spent on material costs for making the devices, productisation, and working capital to assemble 25 sample units for field trials. Additional funds will be predominantly used for faster development of new models, sector-specific models and brand marketing.
Alert Technology has developed the 'Asbestos ALERT' – the known first warning device that’s capable of distinguishing between airborne asbestos and non-asbestos fibres in real-time, and aims to help reduce the risk of prolonged exposure that can lead to diseases such as cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. 
Alert's this technology is protected by patent in the UK and patent pending in the EU and works using laser light scattering patterns to identify fibres and then determine the change in angular alignment of individual airborne fibres under the influence of an applied magnetic field to distinguish asbestos from other non-asbestos fibres.
As a pre-revenue business, Alert Technology has an impressive  line-up of approaching 900 potential customers waiting for commercialisation and field trials of the first model to market. 
At the end of April, Alert Technology was shortlisted as one of 36 companies representing the "best of the best" in innovative clean technologies to present to an audience of active funders, corporates, support agencies and the media at Cleantech Innovate 2017  at London's prestigious Royal Institution in the Faraday Theatre, home of the world-renowned Christmas Lectures. we are busy following up a number of very positive leads from this event from investors and future customers.
Take a look at our funding page on SydnicateRoom. We’d be delighted if you want to invest and join us on our journey. 
To set up a meeting or call in order to find out more, please contact us either via SyndicateRoom or directly.
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Over the next few months we are offering investors the last chance to invest in Alert Technology Ltd at its current share price before the company officially becomes revenue generating and our valuation is expected to increase. Alert Technology is EIS approved, offering income tax relief to qualifying individuals (please seek independent financial advice for more detail on EIS). If you are interested in participating in our next investment round please contact Alert Technology for a copy of our Investment Teaser sheet.


Private Investment Invitation (NDA available)

  • Second Round investment target up to £1.5 million
  • Equity offer up to 23%
  • Expressions of interest deadline on or before 18th October 2019
  • Strong margins and commercial growth expectations
  • Sales projections £240k in year one increasing to £12 million by 2024
  • EIS tax approved by HMRC
  • Proven recent due diligence for an EU grant, IUK loan and first round equity fund raise

Available on request: Investment Pitch Deck, Full Financials and Technical Brochure.


Disclaimer - This page is intended to provide preliminary information only on the business and does not purport to contain all the information that a prospective purchaser would require. This page is not a prospectus and does not constitute or form any part of an offer, or invitation, to subscribe or underwrite or purchase securities. Alert Technology Ltd have not independently verified any of the information contained in this document and neither Alert Technology Ltd nor the directors make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy of the statements made on this page or the completeness of the information on this page.

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Our investment lift round as featured on SyndicateRoom ended on 8th June 2017, with Alert Technology Ltd successfully reaching its target of £1 million. For more details visit our News section.

For more information on investment opportunities in Alert Technology Ltd please get in touch




aLERT Investor Testimonials:

Herve N (£5,000):

"Over the past few years, I have lost 2 significant people to asbestos specific lung cancer. One was a family member who in her youth had worked as a primary teacher and taught in pre-fabricated temporary buildings (the likely source of her exposure to asbestos airborne fibres); the other was a close friend who had worked in various trades, including as a plumber and on building sites.

Both were gentle souls full of fun, who were taken long before their time, and who were forced to spend the last years of their lives coping with this awful and as yet incurable aggressive cancer. And both, are greatly missed. So when I heard through a friend that there was a company trying to develop an early detection tool for airborne asbestos fibres to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure looking for investors, I was immediately interested.

As well as presenting a serious investment opportunity, this early detection tool by Asbestos Alert could potentially save thousands of lives and prevent others from losing loved ones earlier than they should."

Mr & Mrs D (£25,000):

"We've been aware of the ALERT device for a number of years throughout its development and recognized from the beginning the scope of its commercial potential, not just in the UK but globally. We come from a background in construction and facilities management so we were only too aware of the complications, risks and costs associated with asbestos.

A device such as ALERT can help reduce risk and provide confidence and comfort to responsible contractors and building owners. So when the opportunity to invest was offered to us, it didn't take too much consideration. Alert have the technological lead, evidence of global market demand, scope to continue improving and growing the product range and a number of different channels to generate revenue.

We invested because we believe in the product, the market opportunity, the passion and determination of the management team and potential for us, not only to make good return, but to help get life-saving equipment to market."

Vince F (£50,000):

“I made the decision to invest in Alert Technology because they are local and I know the management team and believe in their capacity to deliver a successful outcome. This is a very exciting and potentially life changing product with huge commercial potential, hence my reasons for investing”

Narec Capital (DPTIF) (£500k):

"Alert's customer engagement was significant, with over 800 expressions of interest from potential customers of all sizes across a huge variety of industries and continents.

We feel that Alert have disruptive technology which will create a step-change in the way that asbestos problems can be managed and reduced, with several possible applications for the core technology in the asbestos detection field, once the first products are commercialised successfully. 

In addition, we feel that Alert Technology have a strong network of partners on both the commercial and production side who were keen to co-invest time and resource to move the company forward. Furthermore we believe the product that Alert offers is needed on a global basis and has the potential to save lives. Whilst health-related asbestos issues may be well-known and managed in the UK, but a large portion of the world still uses asbestos and will be facing legacy issues for many years to come. Alert is well-placed to become a crucial, life-saving technology business.”

SyndicateRoom Investor, Martin V: 

"[Alert]  is a business I want to see succeed as much for what it sets out to achieve as any personal profit. When I worked in the property industry it always amazed me both how much Asbestos was used and how recently."

British Lung Foundation


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