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Alert Technology Ltd

ATL is a spin off from The Select Group of Companies who, alongside the University of Hertfordshire and members of the EU FP7 funded consortium, developed the world's first portable, accurate real-time warning device for airborne asbestos.

The ALERT device is being commercialised by Alert Technology Ltd which officially commenced trading on 1st January 2017 following receipt of private equity investment at the end of December 2016.

Asbestos ALERT is the first portable, accurate warning device capable of distinguishing between airborne asbestos and non-asbestos fibres in real-time, helping to prevent prolonged inadvertent exposure and enabling safety precautions to be taken.

After successfully completing the FP7 R&D project, Alert Technology Ltd has two models ready for rapid commercialization. Being launched in Q4 of 2019, the first model to market will be the 'Asbestos ALERT PRO 1000'. This unit provides detailed and customisable user reports, along with visible and audible alarms. The second model for future release will be the 'Asbestos ALERT PRO 2000' which will also include wireless communication and GPS. Additional future models have already been identified for further development and the scope for industry specific models is broad.


Investment Opportunity

In our first investment round, Alert Technology successfully raised our target of £1m in funding. Our private syndicate includes £500,000 from institutional investor Narec Capital (who manage the Discovery Park Technology Investment Fund) and a mix of supplier partners, owners/Directors and other private individuals.

We are now opening up a new opportunity offering investors a last chance to invest in Alert Technology Ltd at its current share price before the company officially becomes revenue generating and our valuation is expected to increase. The deadline for investment is 18th October 2019. Click here to find out more information.



Alert has key partnerships already in place encompassing technology, engineering, product development, financing, sales and distribution; all underpinned by the experience and network of The Select Group.

Alert Technology Team












Select Group - Provide an experienced, family backed, entrepreneurial management team already strategically positioned within the marketplace with an excellent reputation, multi-channel distribution and track record of delivery.

University of Hertfordshire - Experts in the field of particle detection. Originators of Alert's technology and members of the EU FP7 Alert Project consortium.

NCL - Alert's cornerstone investor who specialise in investments in pre-revenue disruptive technology primed to move through the commercialisation process.

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