Asbestos Detection

Available to Pre-Order - World's First Real Time Asbestos Testing Device

The Asbestos ALERT

Asbestos Location Equipment in Real Time). Asbestos ALERT aims to be the world's first affordable, real-time portable asbestos warning device for alerting to the presence of deadly airborne asbestos.

Alert Technology Ltd have developed two models ready for rapid commercialization. 

The ALERT range will:

  • Reduce risk & improve site safety
  • Save time & work delays
  • Can be used in many building types & work-sites
  • Valuable to over 30 industry sectors
It is Alert's ambition to continue developing and manufacturing new models of the Asebstos ALERT testing device with additional functionality for specific user applications in the future.
Alert Concept Design 2

Asbestos ALERT HandHeld device

The final product design of the handheld Asbestos ALERT has not been finalised but the following spec provides a guide:

  • Warns of airborne asbestos in real-time
  • Monitors and detects: All types of asbestos including serpantine and amphibole varieties i.e. Chrysolite, Amosite, Crocidolite and more
  • Captures data on up to 600 particles per second.
  • Sample flow rate 100cc/minute
  • Statistical confidence of 99% 
  • Fibre Detection down to 5 μm length, 3:1 ratio
  • Sounds an audible alarm when high levels of asbestos are detected.
  • Approximately 20cm in length
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • 8 hours autonomous battery life


Pioneering research by the University of Hertfordshire showed that when a particle is illuminated with a laser, the resulting light pattern acts as 'fingerprint' that helps classify and identify the particle.

The Asbestos ALERT captures air in real-time, analysing the light patterns of airborne particles to identify and alerting users of the device to the probable presence of asbestos fibres to 99% confidence inc: amosite, crocidolite and chrysotile asbestos fibres.

Asbestos ALERT Availability...

To register your interest in the initial product release, future ALERT products or to find out more about ALERT, please contact us for further information.

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The trouble with asbestos detection today

The trouble with asbestos detection today

Hidden asbestos discovered during demolition is potentially hazardous to all workers and those in close proximity to the demolition site. Its discovery can lead to delays and increased costs for clients.


Unfortunately, the only way to know if asbestos is present is to take samples and send to a lab for confirmation. This takes time and until the presence (or not) of asbestos is confirmed, all work is halted.



Even more risky is the when poor quality asbestos surveys do not identify all asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) or when poor quality asbestos removal leaves ACMs behind. This puts workers at risk and leads to further delays and costs.

Asbestos Detection for Contractors

Poor quality asbestos surveys or unregistered ACMs is sadly a common scenario which puts all contractors, workers and apprentices at risk of asbestos exposure.

That's why we created ALERT – to be a cost-effective portable asbestos warning device. While professional analysis should never be overlooked and will still be necessary to confirm the presence of asbestos and to establish when it has cleared, ALERT helps to minimise the immediate, unintentional exposure of contractors, tradesmen and the public to airborne asbestos fibres in real-time.

It's a proactive warning system that, similar to a sophisticated smoke alarm, alerts the user to the presence of asbestos in the air so they can then take the appropriate course of action.

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