Secure one of our first units and become an early adopter

Secure one of our first units and become an early adopter

Have you thought about becoming one of our "Early Adopters" to secure one of our first ALERT units to market?

We will be holding demos and accepting orders at the Contamination Expo (11th-12th September) for a limited number of units set aside for our "Early Adopters" scheme.

We're looking for companies willing to become a part of a mutually beneficial relationship with Alert. Leaders in health and safety best practice in their fields, our Early Adopters will be happy to provide real world feedback for incorporation into continued product improvement and new R&D in return for positive PR, preferential pricing and early access to all upgrades and new models.

The "Early Adopter" programme is limited in time and availability, and offers:-

  • Substantial discount from the published £10,000 RRP
  • Free maintenance and servicing including firmware and software upgrades for 24 months (worth £300/yr)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • First refusal and preferential pricing on the next iteration or any new models
  • Acknowledgement in case studies, PR, social media, etc
  • Priority availability for bulk purchase or distribution/resale rights

As the world's first real-time airborne asbestos early warning device, the ALERT PRO 1000 is the only device capable of distinguishing asbestos from non-asbestos fibres and is relevant to numerous global industry sectors where ACMs are likely to be disturbed and asbestos fibres released into the air.

Free tickets for the Contamination Expo are still available. We have a couple of demonstration slots available, so get in touch to book yours today!

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