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ALERT (Asbestos Location Equipment in Real Time) is the world's first range of airborne asbestos test and warning devices for alerting users to the probability of deadly airborne asbestos fibres.

  • Save lives
  • Reduce delays in projects
  • Identify immediate risk of asbestos fibres in the air
  • Encourage improved safety practices
  • Know when its time to call for professional help
What is Asbestos?

The Alert Project, started initally an EU funded consortium of concerned businesses initiated by The Select Group of Companies Ltd in 2008, to develop a cost-effective and portable way for tradespeople to get a rapid assessment of the atmosphere they work in.

The 3 year EU funded R&D phase of the ALERT project has now come to its natural conclusion with successful, field-tested prototypes for ALERT a real-time warning device of airborne asbestos fibres - the 1st of its kind in the world.

Like a smoke detector, the aim of the Asbestos ALERT is to warn you of the presence of asbestos fibres in the air in real time so that you can take immediate safety precautions and call in the experts.

Analytical companies will then validate your findings and take “bulk samples” to identify if possible, the source of the contamination and ultimately hire a licensed asbestos removal company to do the removal and clean- up to remedy the situation.

7th framework

The original EU FP7 funded Alert Project was run by the ALERT Project Consortium which consisted of universities, R&D facilities, professional trade organisations, manufacturers, and end-users to develop the range of ALERT devices.

This successful FP7 project has now entered the commercialization phase under the management of the project instigators and the consortium's Exploitation Managers, The Select Group of Companies (Select).

Select are now fully engaged in progressing ALERT from working prototype stage to pre-production units and manufacture ready for market launch. Select continue to work in close partnership with fellow Alert consortium members the University of Hertfordshire who are the development team behind the technology.

The ALERT detector range gives an audible and visual warning, allowing the user to either continue to work if no airborne asbestos fibres are detected, or to call in a licensed surveyor or removal team if the asbestos test for airborne fibres is positive.

Project History

How it works

Minimise the risks

Asbestos Signs

Asbestos is dangerous to human health when its fibres are inhaled. ALERT works by exploiting the unique properties of asbestos fibres that allow them to be detected and distinguished from other harmless fibres that are commonly present in the air we breathe.

Asbestos Alert

The Asbestos ALERT won’t protect against or prevent asbestos exposure, but it can help to minimise the risks of inadvertent exposure by providing a real-time airborne asbestos test and warning system. Knowing if asbestos is in the air gives you the chance to protect yourself and your workers, and to secure the area before calling in professional removal specialists.

To find out more about the Asbestos ALERT range and how they could help you, contact us now for further information.

Coming soon - the range of ALERT airborne asbestos test devices

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